Children and Youth

Guest Information

Update 05/27/2021

We will have two outside services on 05/30/2020 and 06/06/2020. You can find more information about that here. At this point in time we are not going to be offering childcare or religious education services. There is plenty of space outside for their attendance to be safe in your care. An update will be included in the details about the June 20th indoor services.


We are glad you’ve decided to come and visit First UU Lubbock!

For those planning to visit the church for the first time, some tips for how to make your visit enjoyable for you and your child(ren):

When bringing your children on Sunday please allow plenty of time to find the meeting area and meet our Sunday Morning Leaders; the program begins at 10:00 am. Your child’s class leader will ask you to fill out a Guest Registration form. This form helps us get to know you and provide information about your child that Leaders need to know – such as food allergies. The form will need to be filled out before your child can participate in the program.

Feel free to attend part or all of class to help your child adjust to the new surroundings. You may also take part in one of our Adult classes (we call them intersections), or get some coffee in the Family Hall and chat with other community members.

Please pick up your child from class between 12:00 pm and 12:05 pm. Take time to talk with the teacher to discuss what the topic of class was and raise any questions/concerns that you have.

If, after a few visits, you and your family decide that First UU Lubbock is a comfortable religious home; please take the time to complete our yellow intent to join form (available after the service or from our office).