From the Board President

Dear Unitarian Universalist family, friends, and broader diaspora. 

After a very long and challenging year, we seem to have weathered much of the pandemic storm. With much deliberation, our board has decided it may finally be a safe time to get together again. We came to this decision by considering many different points of consideration.  Our informal polling online suggests that approximately or slightly more than 95% of our respondents (about 40 of us) report having been vaccinated. This puts our vaccination rate comfortably comparable to physicians and virologists. We have shared our own deliberations and reading of the relevant guidelines and literature. Tuesday, I had a long discussion with Dr. Ron Cook, the head of Lubbock’s Community Medicine (mostly for my annual checkup, but we spoke about CV-19 extensively, too). When asked if it is safe for our congregation to meet in person he replied, “For those that are vaccinated, they can resume normal pre-Covid activities. Encourage those who aren’t vaccinated to wear a mask or get vaccinated.”  Please get vaccinated if it is safe for you to do so, and if you have not already. We would love to assist if you need assistance getting vaccinated.

Now, happily, our attention can finally turn to re-establishing our relationships and invigorating community! We also are looking forward to extending our community to include people with whom we have made new connections over the covid era. 

We will ease into regular services on the following schedule:

Sunday, May 30th:  Live interactive (synchronous) Zoom-delivered service, by Judy, immediately following Intersections, regarding Mindfulness.

Sunday, June 6th:  In-Person, Outdoor Service (with indoors as a weather backup).  “Rekindling the Flame – A Year of Joys and Concerns”. This will be a non-conventional service involving meeting and greeting and sharing food, in the shaded area of our near-backyard. There will be an amplifier with wireless mics, intended for discussion. But it is also a karaoke machine, so who knows what may happen.  

Sunday, June 13th: In-Person, Outdoor Service (with indoors as a weather backup). Service Leader Heather Guthrie, and Service by Kat Marie, regarding giving back and building community.  (Official name TBD).

Sunday, June 20th:  Resume normal INDOOR services. Look for details about this soon.

At this point in time we are not going to be offering childcare. There is plenty of space outside for their attendance to be safe. An update will be included in the details about the June 20th indoor services. 

Thanks to all of you for sustaining yourselves over the past year. We are looking forward to regrowing together, into an intellectually and interpersonally vibrant community.

Sincerely,Jason Rinaldo, PhD